What is the Lightning Network?


The Lightning Network is a Layer 2 solution built on top of Bitcoin. Think Paypal or Venmo for Bitcoin, but borderless and censorship resistant. It is instantaneous and the fees are extremely low compared to a regular bitcoin transaction (Layer 1).


Getting bigger everyday

Number of Nodes: 10,045

Number of Channels Open: 35,275

Network Capacity: 814 Bitcoins

Median Fee: $0.000082880

(as of October 2019)


What can it do?

Many things! Play indie games. Tip people on the internet. Feed chickens. Coffee vending machine. And many more that we will discover together.


sounds complicated

It took me a lot of time and dedication to learn about Lightning, I have a background in software engineering. I will use that to decrypt and explain everything to you. No technical knowledge required. Easy.


Discover at your own pace

I will send you an email every week reviewing one Lightning Application with screenshots and comments. I will also interview app maker for more insights.

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